We are more than an English language school.
We consider your needs and that allows you to
work comfortably and at your own pace.
We take your career and family goals into account
to reach your goals as quickly as possible.   Our
teachers, technology and media learning tools help
you complete your courses as fast as you choose. A
few  have completed course levels within 180 days;  
while most take 16 - 18 weeks.  

Our teachers and instructors are well trained
and experienced.  Most of all they sincerely
care about the students progress.

All of our instructors are fluent in English and
many are bi-lingual.  For beginners we have
teachers with Spanish, Russian, French,
Korean and Arabic backgrounds.

Our front office and back office staff round out our
dynamic team.  They all share the same heartfelt desire
to help each and every student become all they can
be.  They are always eager to help in any way possible

Maria Mondragon, is in charge of student admissions
and enrollment and front office duties.

Susan Rodriguez is our marketing director who works
with all new student aquisition and corporate marketing.

Alejandra heads up the back office team that maintains
student records and accounting.

Our creative team led by LeRoy Nienow develops video
and online class programms and interactive media
learning tools.
Our school dedicated helping you become a confident and proficient English speaker

        I am from Turkey. When I came to USA, I was too nervous about my
IELTS exam but after my 10-week course at London School of English, I
became more confident about both my exam and also my ability in English.
Finally I got 6.5 in IELTS which is a great result for me. Thank you ~  Asli - Turkey

        My teacher helped me set and reach my goals in life. Not only did my
English improve but also their work study program helped me get the skills I
needed to find me a better job.  Maria- Colombia

        I really appreciated the English course.  My classmates, the teachers and
all the members of the staff, were amazing and I learned a lot.  I highly
recommended this school if you want to improve your English and want to make
a better  life for yourself.  Alejandra -  Mexico

        I enrolled in the Intensive English Language course that was customized
to meet my military requirements while stationed in US.  I got more than what I
expected. Well organized school and a good mix of the international students.
Cross-cultural exchange is a plus to my stay here.  Colonel D. Espinoza–
Colombian Army

        The teaching, making people speak as much as possible, making people
self-confident, making people feel as if they were at home, being friendly and
open-minded, making people meet, encouraging cultural mix between

        The people are friendly, it helps to improve our general English level, and
overall, it made me feel more confident about my English and discussing with
other people.  It was well worth it.  

        I came to the school to improve my business English skills for
presentation, phone meeting, report, and so on  and also expand general skills.
My teacher took personal interest in my various needs and prepare appropriate
content of the course.

        The course has a good mix of everything. It is helpful for me to speak
English and hear English from a native teacher. The things you do best are the
personal atmosphere and the efficient but also funny teacher.
Hundreds have successfully completed our courses
and achieved their dreams.
Our students come from many cultures and for a variety of reasons:  
Basic English skills, Citizenship preparation, College entrance, help in
finding a good job.

We've successfully helped hundreds build their English speaking
skills and gain the confidence needed to be successful.
East Africa
Colombian Army
University of MX